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3 Ways To Utilize Travertine Deck Pavers and Beyond

travertine deck pavers

When it comes to improving the visual communication of your home’s outdoor areas, things can get really difficult to manage. There are so many different options that you can pursue that deciding on one can be a painstaking task that leads to a great deal of frustration. It’s with that in mind that it’s important to look into a few different options that can give you versatility and function. It starts with selecting pavers that you would want throughout the exterior of your house, and the location that you decide to place them at. One starting point is the selection of stone pavers that you can utilize. More specifically a good choice is travertine deck pavers, as they can really set a location up for an interesting look and feel.

First and foremost consider travertine as a whole. This stone is one that is not only versatile; it’s elegant and functional. It has been utilized for centuries to pave roads, accentuate walls, and for flooring in art galleries, business buildings and beyond. It’s easy to find these pieces in a variety of locations that you would not expect.

3 Ways to Utilize Travertine Deck Pavers

  • Walkways – When creating a walkway, you most likely don’t want to just have grass or dirt areas. This can cause issues over time, and does not add value or visual design to areas that could really use upgrades. That’s where you can start to lay together deck pavers appropriately. You can go simple, placing tiles one after another to form a unique walkway, or you can try to create a mosaic, breaking the stone into several pieces and then unifying it to form details. Your imagination can run with this idea, if you really want to do something unique.
  • Garden Paths – If you have a yard that can easily fit a garden, why not add a little path to go to and from it? Not only that, add a little area that can serve as a standing or kneeling point to help with pruning, harvesting and beyond. Garden paths can easily be accentuated with stone pavers, placed firmly near plants, and trees. Setting these in and creating a nice arrangement is a bit easier than you might think.
  • Patio Areas – For those that love to entertain, patio areas don’t always have the most eclectic of designs. For that purpose it can be crucial to create design flow here, putting together tiles that accentuate the entertainment areas for picnics, barbecues or just relaxing under the moonlight for a change of pace. Adding travertine pavers can really give a whole new visual aesthetic to these outdoor areas.

The preceding ideas are just a few of the things that you can do to improve the overall exterior design flow of your home. They are not the only options, but they are basic enough to give you a semblance of ideas that will help you move forward with adding a little bit of flare to the outside of your property. When done right, the improvements can even give your home a boost in property value, which is always a welcome surprise.

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Attractive uses for travertine pavers in your front yard

attractive-uses-for-travertine-pavers-in-your-front-yard_889_391937_0_14025218_500-380x241If you’ve been thinking about sprucing up the exterior aesthetic of your home, chances are revamping the front yard is on your list. Keeping this part of your yard in good shape is important. And why not? It’s the first thing you and your guests see upon approaching your house and the last when leaving.

While a good part of your project should involve focusing on landscaping and gardening, you’ll also want to pay attention to the non-lawn areas of your front yard. In particular, travertine pavers can make a world of difference in improving the look and feel of your home’s exterior.

Here are a few outdoor design tips to keep in mind when it comes to getting the most out of your travertine installation.

Rethink your driveway
It might seem like a minor detail your front yard, but an attractive driveway can go a long way in improving the aesthetic effect of your house’s exterior. Instead of relying on the all-too-common poured asphalt, concrete slabs or gravel constructions, travertine pavers can offer a sophisticated and stylish alternative.

If you really want to improve your driveway, consider expanding the boundaries to include a basketball court. These stone tiles are great for providing a hard surface for your family members to play ball.

Blaze a trail to your front door
Creating a pathway to your front door can provide a sense of unity and accessibility to your home. Travertine installation can extend the appeal of your driveway to the entryway to your humble abode while also providing a framework to plant flowers, shrubs and small trees around the exterior.

Upgrade your front stoop
It’s only right that you extend this effect to your front stoop, don’t you think? Whether you have a simple raised step leading to the entrance or a wider porch perfect for relaxing outdoors, these attractive stone tiles are sure to impress the neighborhood.

Create a gazebo space
If you’ve always wanted to create a shady, secluded spot to enjoy the natural appeal of your lawn, you might want to consider purchasing a traditional wooden gazebo for the front yard is the way to go. By placing this structure on top a plot of travertine pavers, you’ll have a well-defined and attractive space to enjoy the warm weather while reading a book or sipping on a glass of lemonade.

(Source: Travertine Mart)

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French Pattern Silver Travertine Pavers

Silver French Pattern Travertine

One would think that Silver Travertine Pavers would have a dark look, but actually it is quite the opposite.

When mixed with bright flowers and green foliage, Silver Travertine couldn’t look more “Spring.”

Silver French Pattern Travertine

(Images courtesy of Travertine Mart)

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A-cero’s New Travertine House/ Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

Pozuelo de Alarcón Travertine House / A-cero

A-cero presents its new house: a built set of volumes and sheets combined as a perfect play that mixes the limits between art and architecture. According to A-cero aesthetics, modern projecting, blocks and plates define the design of this residential project with sculptural references.

The house is located in Las Rozas, one of the wealthiest towns of Madrid. The dwelling’s plot has a surface of 1.368m2 with a light slope that A-cero has used in order to adapt the building’s three floors: basement, ground floor and first floor.

The building’s surface is 762,47m2.

A-cero Travertine House /  Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

The pedestrian access takes place by the ground floor where are located the most social rooms (living room, lounge and dining room) in the right side of the house. In the left side are the following rooms: a bathroom, cleaning room, a courtyard, kitchen – office, a larder and a cleaning room. In this level is also a porch that communicates with the dining room. An interior stair and an elevator communicate this level with the basement and the first floor.

The first floor has 273,46m2 and includes the following rooms: two children bedrooms with dressing-rooms, bathrooms and a living room; a guests’ bedroom with bathroom; the main bedroom with two dressing-rooms and bathroom; a study that he communicates with a footbridge – library (to which also one gains access from the main bedroom) and two small courtyards.

The basement includes facility quarters, storage room, quarter of implements for the garden and bicycles, interior swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, massages room, cinema room and cellar.

The housing is provided with two swimming pools and two jacuzzi (for exterior and interior). Interiors stand out for their diaphanous distribution. It is a comfortable and habitable dwelling with ample areas.

The beige  with the wait walls and roofs produce a lot of clarity and luminosity in interiors. Furthermore, these colours create a spaciousness sensation in the house. Design, functionality and quality are the main concepts that have established this house´s design where elegance, modernity and simplicity stand out according to A-cero´s architecture.

via archdaily.com

Pozuelo de Alarcón / A-ceroPozuelo de Alarcón Travertine House/ A-ceroPozuelo de Alarcón Travertine House/ A-ceroPozuelo de Alarcón Travertine House/ A-ceroPozuelo de Alarcón Travertine House/ A-ceroPozuelo de Alarcón Travertine House / A-ceroPozuelo de Alarcón Travertine House / A-cero

A-cero Travertine House /  Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

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Fray Leon Travertine House

Fray Leon Travertine House

Architect: 57 STUDIO – Maurizio Angelini / Benjamín Oportot
Location: Santiago, 
Collaborator: Felipe Zamora
Project year: 2006–2007
Construction year: 2007–2008
Structural Engineer: Claudio Hinojosa
Construction: Jorge Carrasco
Materials: Concrete / Steel / Travertine 
Photographs: 57 STUDIO

This is a residence for a family who looks for a more extensive terrain and ampler spaces, without leaving the traditional neighborhood where it has lived for almost 30 years. Located on the east side of Santiago, the main characteristics of the neighborhood are the presence of old growth trees and huge lots with houses that have a limited relation with the street.

Eliminating an old building and respecting the native trees with major presence and landscaping value on the site, the spaces are organized on an “H” form plant with a second level over the central wing, following the same space relation pattern of the house that the family left. This “H” form space distribution adapts well to the site form without touching the trees and creating different patios that harness their presence from the interior.

Fray Leon Travertine House

The interior spaces are organized around a native tree (Cryptocaria alba) that accompanies the access from the south. Through the hall, the presence of an enormous avocado tree (Persea americana) is framed towards the north, and a private wing towards the east is delimited by an old macrocarpa cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) and some crape myrtles. Over the central wing, a second private level extends in all of its length, leaving on one end a terrace at the height of the tree’s crowns. On the west wing, the public spaces open towards the northern garden through a porch, and the service areas direct their view towards an ashleaf maple (Acer negundo). The wing of services extends towards the south by means of a roof with an opening that surrounds a native Crinodendron patagua that separates the closed garage from the rest of the house.

Fray Leon Travertine House

The swimming pool is located towards the west on the site´s lowest point, where the ground drop helps to conform one of its borders, articulating its presence to the rest of the garden.

The house is preceded by an extensive paved esplanade that, being requested as an open visitor’s parking area, prolongs the approach of the visitor towards the main access where the Cryptocaria alba gains a major presence.

Fray Leon Travertine HouseFray Leon Travertine Housevia archdaily.com

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Travertine Mart Launches The First Virtual Patio Designer for Travertine Pavers

Paving the way for the Natural Stone Flooring Industry

Travertine Mart Patio DesignerTravertine Mart announced today that it has just unveiled a Virtual Patio Designer for Travertine Pavers – a first in the natural stone industry.  The new Patio Designer allows clients to see first hand how their Travertine Pavers, Tiles and Pool Coping will look when installed around a pool patio area. Travertine Mart has included nearly all of their color range, including Ivory, Walnut, Noche, Country Classic, Ivory Swirl and even throwing a marble paver into the mix, Pearl. All colors can be seen in either a 16×16 size or a French Pattern – a classic 4-piece pattern that has been in existence since Roman times. The Virtual Patio Designer currently has a nomination for the 2013 Edison Awards.

“Visually speaking, we wanted our clients to have a better understanding of the material and to feel comfortable ordering Travertine from the internet,” said Evrim Oralkan, President of Travertine Mart. “With the new Virtual Patio Designer, we feel confident we will be able to do just that.”

In addition to the Patio Designer, Travertine Mart has developed a Floor Finder software which can be found on their new highly-interactive website. The Floor Finder allows clients to find the most appropriate stone for their project. Another new tool is the Freight Estimator which allows clients to budget shipping costs while using the My Estimate feature. “What sets our Freight Estimator apart is its accuracy,” says Mr. Oralkan.

Business is booming for Turkish Travertine suppliers in the U.S. lately, thanks in part to Turkey’s commitment to providing exceptional quality Travertine at a great value.


Travertine Mart is a direct importer and wholesaler of Premium Grade Travertine and Marble natural stone products from Turkey. With a rich history and focus dedicated to high-end residential and commercial real estate projects, they approach the highest level of customer service by working closely with homeowners, interior designers, developers and landscape architects. The company competes with Home Depot, Lowe’s and Build Direct for the supply of travertine pavers.

Travertine Mart offers a wide range of Travertine Pavers, Travertine Tiles and Pool Coping, tailoring each project around the client’s specific needs and desires, while integrating specific ideas for each individual project.

For more information about Travertine Mart visit www.TravertineMart.com

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Home Remodeling to Rebound in U.S. as Owner Confidence Improves

travertine facade

(Bloomberg News) – The U.S. home-improvement industry is poised for a revival this year as property owners who scrimped and saved during the recession spruce up kitchens and bathrooms.

Spending on remodeling probably will rise 9.2 percent to $125.1 billion in the first quarter from $114.6 billion a year earlier, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. A 13 percent increase forecast for April through June would be the largest jump in five years, a report by the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based center shows.

Home-improvement retailers are preparing for a spring sales bump as homeowners consider upgrading rather than selling their houses at a discount in a struggling market. Signs of recovery in the economy are encouraging people to spend money on work they may have been putting off for years, said Paul Zuch, president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, a trade group based in Des Plaines, Illinois.

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